About Ogden FilmFestival

The award-winning Ogden Film Festival is a film festival based in Ogden, Utah. Our mission is to present quality films from around the world as well as support, recognize, and honor filmmakers.

When Paramount Pictures founder William Hodkinson first sketched the mountain peak logo that has since become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable emblems, he said it was in “memory of his childhood home in Utah.” Hodkinson grew up in Ogden and eventually opened the first movie theater in the city. Within a few years, the Ogdenite changed the way movies were produced, distributed, exhibited and has been called “The Man Who Invented Hollywood.”

The inaugural Ogden Film Festival celebrates the best in local film and talent. From acclaimed features to amateur short films, the Ogden Film Festival is a place for filmmakers to showcase their talent to audiences in a historic cinema venue — Peery’s Egyptian Theater.

The Ogden mountains that inspired Hodkinson to reshape Hollywood are proof that talent and inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places, that artists are only bound by their determination.


Peery’s Egyptian Theatre
Ogden, UT


Friday 6pm to 11pm
June 1, 2018