Grab a drink and some popcorn at the concessions booth and then settle in for a night of incredible independent film.

Your Ogden Film Festival ticket allows you admission to the entire film festival at Peery’s Egyptian Theater. This year we have added an After Dark section for films that may not be suitable for children under 17 years of age. After Part 1 is completed, we will have a brief intermission to allow the audience to get situated for Part 2 of the festival.


5:00 PM – Doors open

6:15 PM – Welcome

6:30 PM – Short Films Screening (All Ages)

7:30 PM – Short Film Directors Q&A + Intermission

8:00 PM – FEATURE FILM SCREENING – ‘UP TO SNUFF’ directed by Mark Maxey

9:30 PM – Feature Film Director Q&A + Intermission


10:00 PM – After Dark Screening (Ages 17+)

11:00 PM – After Dark Short Film Directors Q&A


All Ages Feature Film:
‘Up to Snuff’ by Mark Maxey (80 minutes)

All Ages Short Screening:
‘Forgiving Pipeline’ by Tay Steele (5 minutes)
‘Tomorrow’s Shores’ by Arthur Veenema (6 minutes)
‘To Close A Monastery’ by RadioWest (5 minutes)
‘Brothers’ by Randy Kerr (6 minutes)
‘StarWars: Dresca’ by Jessica Champneys (7 minutes)
‘Maggie’ by Lindsay Kampenhout (19 minutes)

After Dark (18+) Screening:
‘Stone Cold’ by Stefania Barr (13 minutes)
‘Last Lament’ by Condor McEvoy (4 minutes)
‘Innocence’ by Michael Cicchetti & Miranda Jean Larson (9 minutes)
‘The Dark Skin of the Soul’ by Allan J. Arcal (10 minutes)
‘Enter the Fringe’ by Nathan Riddle (10 minutes)
‘Peace and Quiet’ by Anthony Birtzu (8 minutes)
‘The Wolf’ by Shane Morrisun (7 minutes)
‘Killer Karma’ by Carson McKinnon (8 minutes)

Note: Short films may play in a different order than listed above.

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